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  • ANENG AN8004 Digital 2000 Counts Auto Range Multimeter Backlight AC/DC Ammeter Voltmeter Resistance Frequency Capacitance Meter + Test Lead Set

Description: It is a Auto-ranging digital multimeter using double-integral style A/D transform as the core. Can be used to measures AC/DC Voltage, AC/DC Current, Resistance, Capacitance, Diode and Continuity testing, Frequency and Etc. The products are battery powered. they are characterized by stable function and high reliability, with the features of overload protection and LCD display for clear reading, are an ideal tools for lav, factory, radio fans and family use. Features: LCD display. Max display: 2000 counts. Polarity identification. Measurement mode:double-integral style A/D transform. Sample rate:3 times per second. Over range indication:OL. Low voltage indication. Auto Range. Resistance capacitance frequency file high voltage 550V protection. Sampling rate: about 3 times per second. Backlight display. Data retention. Polarity automatic recognition. Low voltage display. 10A large current measurement, mA level small current measurement. Automatic shutdown. Main measurement: AC / DC voltage, AC / DC current, resistance, capacitance, diode / off measurement, frequency and duty ratio measurement. Specification: Function Range Resolution Accuracy MAX.Value Other DC Voltage 200.0mV 0.1mV (0.8%+5) 1000V 2.000V 0.001V 20.00V 0.01V 200.0V 0.1V (1.0%+8) 1000V 1V AC Voltage 2.000V 0.001V (1.2%+5) 750V 40Hz-400Hz 20.00V 0.01V 200.0V 0.1V 750V 1V (1.5%+5) DC Current (A) 200.0A 0.1A (1.2%+5) 2000A 2000A 1A DC Current (mA) 20.00mA 0.01mA 200mA 200.0mA 0.1mA AC Current (A) 200.0A 0.1A (1.5%+5) 2000A 40Hz-400Hz 2000A 1A AC Current (mA) 20.00mA 0.01mA 200mA Resistance 200.0 0.1 (2.5%+5) 20M 2.000k 0.001k (1.0%+5) 20.00k 0.01k 200.0k 0.1k 2.000M 0.001M 20.00M 0.01M (2.5%+5 Diode Continuity General Specifications Dimension 130 x 65 x 32mm Weight 130g Battery Type 2 x 1.5V AAA Battery (NOT included) Warranty One years Environmental Specifications Operating Temperature 0~40 Humidity <75% Storage Temperature -20~60 Humidity <80% Safety Specifications EN 61010-1: 2010; EN 61326-1: 2013; FCC Part 15 Subpart B: 2016 Package inlcuded: 1 x ANENG AN8004 Digital 2000 Counts True RMS Multimeter 1 x English User Manual 1 x Electronic Probe 1 x Test Lead Set 1 x Portabel Bag Detail Pictures:


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